In addition to the consulting and business services offered by ABE above, our firm also markets to businesses, government, and the general public several useful product lines:


One of the premier manuals on disaster preparedness and survival, "It's A Disaster...and What are YOU Gonna Do About It?" is an easy to read, and reference, book used by many homeland security organizations in the Nation.    Is 284 pages and offered here at a steep discount from the $14.99 plus shipping retail cost of this important and useful book to save your life!

These books can, in quantity, be customized for your needs and is used by government protective service organizations, corporations, and others to provide their own unique and additional information or to have advertisements within the book for promotion or to help defray the very modest cost of them.  For individuals and Corporations, this also makes a great gift or employee benefit item.

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This product line strives to provide a family of four (4) with all of their non-food disaster survival needs for a period of fourteen (14) days.  Listings of food items to stock are also provided.

The Survival Box (TM) product line comes in the Standard Box and Deluxe Supplement Box versions.  Addtionally, optional geiger counter and dosimeter equipment is also available for purchase.

NOTE:  Due to we presently ramping up production of this first-of-its-kind product, this product is NOT offered for individual sale.  Minimum order quantities are 300 Units (or combination of items) and therefore would generally be purchased by corporations and government entities such as police, fire, and homeland security departments.  For such government purchases, we are a female owned enterprise and registered Federal government contractor with CAGE/NCAGE number of 4UAU4 and DUNS number of 134856603

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This new telephone service can literally save you one-half or more off your current monthly phone bill you're now paying!  WE ARE NOT KIDDING.  This product will leave you saying:  "What a phone deal!"  We use it ourselves...and liked it so much that we wanted to help put AT&T and Comcast out of business by becoming a distributor.  It's the IDENTICAL technology offered by Comcast and AT&T under their digital voice packages -- but at a fraction of the cost!

If customers have, or get, high speed internet broadband service (cable or DSL) - they can have "What A Phone Deal!" services!  Service from single to several hundred phone lines is available.  And the savings are great!

This phone service comes with all the features offered by any others including call forwarding, call blocking, voicemail, and many others at no additional charge.  Give AT&T, Comcast, and others that are ripping you off the heave-ho!  Order your service - today!

Click on the "Phone Power" link below when you're ready to learn more details as well as select the money-saving services that are right for you.  Whether your a residence, home/office, office, or larger corporate or school entity, you can SAVE BIG MONEY by making this move - TODAY! 

Unlimited Phone Service $14.95


Discount Dental Plans

 Best Deal Dental Plans. Com represents the newest addition of value from Arnold products!  This product offering means what it says:  We provide you the freedom to choose from more than 30+ discount dental plans which offer the BEST DEAL in the entire marketplace!

Each plan represents differences in design as well as the panel of dentists in your area -- YOU choose the plan and participating dentist that best suits your dental care needs.  Group plans are also available for businesses.

Dental discount plans offer customers an alternative to dental insurance programs.  Material discounts are had on dental services such as preventative, restorative, and major restorative work at just a fraction of the cost that a dentist would normally charge.  These dental savings can range between 10% and 60% off a Dentist's normal charges on most dental procedures.

Discount dental plans have NO paperwork hassles, NO health restrictions, No Annual Limits, and NO HASSLES! All you do is simply pay directly to the Dentist for your services -- but at material discounts already negotiated by your plan provider.  That's it!

With plans starting at only $79.95 PER YEAR, membership is surprisingly affordable and typically much lower in cost than regular dental insurance plans.  And they can save you a bundle in dental costs every year!

For a limited time, when you join you will receive 3 additional months absolutely FREE!  That's fifteen (15) months of dental savings for one low annual membership fee!

So don't wait!  Join now and see - first hand - just how fast dental savings for you and your family will quickly add up!

Choose From 30+ Nationwide Discount Dental Plans!

Best Deal Dental Plans. Com











For business as well as political needs, Voicent Communications has developed an entire family of communications software that runs on your EXISTING personal computers and telephone modem cards you already have installed (for internet dial up purposes).  No special equipment to buy, and a familiar "windows" look and feel to the software.  Software that even utilizes MS Excel software if desired!

Their suite of programs offered allows a user to mass communicate via telephone to prospects, customers, voters, employees, or the general public.  One can do outbound messages, conduct polling, have a live operator pick up on the call if the receiver wishes to speak to someone, and even have the receiver leave a voicemail back to you!

Political campaigns, corporations, schools, and churches are just a few of the entities who would have a need and use for this low cost and easily operated technology.

ABE is the area distributor of the Voicent line of products and can also set up and train personnel on its use.  So check Voicent's website out -- and even download shareware versions of the software.  And then, when you're ready to order the software or related services, please contact ABE directly by email or by calling us at 847-207-1167.  We'll place your order and offer important help with your setup and orientation!

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Arnold Business Enterprises (ABE), now in our 16th year of business, stands ready to service your general business, human resource management, and product needs in a forthright, professional manner!  We wish to demonstrate to you our confidence that once you try – you’ll specify – ABE for all your future business needs in our focus areas.

 We look forward to doing business with you!

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