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Our Firm's Fantastic Telephone Service Offers . . .

The local/long distance VOIP telephone services we now offer in your area can easily save you A MAJORITY of your current monthly phone bill for your home or small office you're now paying!  WE ARE NOT KIDDINGWe challenge you to prove otherwise!!!

THE SAME can be said for our newest telephone service:  Wireless (cellular) service at - again - the lowest cost you'll find anywhere (can you say $5.00 per month???).  :)

You'll find we're the most competitive company around -- nobody touches us in product and price - guaranteed!  And our product offerings will leave you singing our company name:  " What a Phone Deal !" in regular or wireless telephone service.  We use it ourselves...and liked it so much that we wanted to help put AT&T and Comcast out of the telephone business by becoming a distributor!

For instance:  Get two outbound residential/small office telephone lines costing a combined charge of only $8.33 per month!  Compare THAT to your present service!!!  And the residential programs even include unlimited long distance service in the United States and Canada!  Similar savings can be had for business lines.  And note this important point:  These monthly costs are much, much less than even the "teaser rates" offered by the traditional telephone companies for just local phone service and no long distance or even their "package plans"!  But unlike their teaser and package rates ... which explode upward after six or so months ... OUR rates are the same 12 months of the year 24 hours a day -- we don't "tease" the customer.  We deliver honest, consistent value ... year round!

So give AT&T, Comcast, and other phone companies that charge many times more in cost the heave-ho!  Stop getting ripped off!  Order your service - TODAY !

We offer numerous service plans which are available for:

1)  Home                    2)  Home Offices

3)  Small to Medium Size Businesses


Are you ready to click into the world of really BIG savings in telephone services?  When you do, we suggest having your CURRENT phone bill with you.  That's right...we want you to know, right then and there, just how much you're gonna save!  And how mad you're gonna be at your current carrier for ripping you off all this time!

Whether your a residence, home/office, office, or even larger corporate or school entity with several hundred telephone lines, you can SAVE BIG by making this move - TODAY!  Every month of savings can really add up...


For traditional telephone service, click:


Domestic or International phone service!

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in the month of January from "WhataPhoneDeal.Com" !!! )


For the lowest cost wireless (cellular) telephone service in the Nation, click:





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