DATE:  July 1, 2005                  CONTACT:  Susan Arnold                                                                

RELEASE DATE:  Immediate                       Gurnee, IL   60031


Arnold Business Enterprises LLC Announces New Insurance Alliance for HSA Marketing


Gurnee, Illinois:  Arnold Business Enterprises LLC (ABE) of Gurnee, Illinois (an employee benefits consulting firm) announced today that it has terminated its strategic alliance with insurance broker US Med Insurance of Kansas City, MO and moved, effective July 1, 2005, to one with local Gurnee Insurance Broker Tomei Insurance.

The change was prompted by U.S. Med Insurance changing their business strategy from servicing small and medium sized businesses to one exclusively servicing various association groups.  ABE's market niche is consulting and servicing businesses of any size.  Therefore, ABE sought out an experienced HSA broker compatible with their business strategy and found it locally with Tomei Insurance.

In their alliance, ABE has been involved as a local sales arm of US Med Insurance.  Both firms have been involved since the late 1990s in these type plans.  Ken Arnold, ABE President, said:  "HSAs just became a permanent fixture in the employee benefits area in the Fall of 2003 with Congress passing the appropriate legislation.  I predict that this innovative medical insurance concept will experience the same type growth as HMOs did in the 1980s!" 

Health Savings Accounts add consumerism and personal wealth accumulation into the mix of healthcare benefit design.  It has both an insurance component and a personal savings account component that can materially build over the years and ultimately can provide retiree healthcare coverage, long term care, or even be treated just like any IRA for non-medical retirement expenses.

The Tomei Insurance Agency, owned by Joe Tomei, has been in business for over 30 years and has a strong, local presence in the Northern Chicago suburbs.  In addition to medical insurance, Tomei Insurance also offers a full line of life, disability, and financial services offerings.  ABE is intending to predominently use Tomei for HSA "implementation specifics" once clients select plans (i.e. enrollment forms, proofs of good health, etc.).  However:  On an as needed basis, ABE will involve Tomei in non-HSA employee benefits work, too.

For companies. not-for-profits, and other entities interested in learning more and adding an HSA to their healthcare coverage offerings, ABE offers a presentation titled “Understanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)”  They would be happy to make this presentation to firms interested in material savings in healthcare costs while giving maximum flexibility to both employers and employees.

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