DATE:    March 16, 2010          CONTACT:  Susan Arnold                                                                  

RELEASE DATE:  March 18, 2010                Gurnee, IL   60031


Arnold Business Enterprises Offering

Small Business Shopping Mall


Susan Arnold, CEO of Arnold Business Enterprises LLC (ABE) of Gurnee, Illinois, today announced a new and additional offering by her firm.  This offering is an online shopping mall tailored to startup and growing businesses, as well as government entities, to find products and services for their operational needs.

Mrs. Arnold stated:  "When establishing my own firm thirteen years ago --and even since then - we devoted much time in searching the internet for various high quality / low cost providers of the basic products and services used by small businesses such as ourselves.  It dawned on us that the trail we blazed could greatly help others in saving them much in search time and ensuring they connect with high quality providers who offer them great value."

The website, found at, offers a full range of products and services needed by small business.  Small Biz Suppliers.Com includes low cost printers, legal and business services, travel, computer software, and even suppliers of low cost men's business suits!  Users need only look thru the alphabetized list of supplier areas, find the select suppliers, and click on their icon to be directed to the appropriate, cost-saving sites.  The site offers over fifty select suppliers across the thirteen critical operational areas of any business or office operation.

Mrs. Arnold outlined:  "Our slogan for this initiative is "Select Suppliers for Select Businesses!" (TM).  We chose that since these quality suppliers we know are needed by businesses everywhere!   They've been selected for quality, reliability, and value to the customer.  Why...we, ourselves, even use many of these suppliers!"

It is believed that Small Biz Suppliers. com is the first -and only - comprehensive business shopping mall of its kind anywhere on the web.  Arnold Business Enterprises, moreover, believes that now is the right time to launch this initiative -- as many businesses are struggling to cut costs and lower their expenses in these times.

Mrs. Arnold points out:  "With the SmallBizSupplier website at the fingertips of area businesses as well as government departments; mangers will save time, money, AND frustration when searching for their daily business needs while needing good quality at low cost!"

For questions or further information on this new business initiative of Arnold Business Enterprises, interested parties may personally email Susan Arnold at or telephone the firm at 847-782-1688 (Office).  


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