DATE:  March 16, 2008            CONTACT:  Susan Arnold                                                                  

RELEASE DATE:  Immediate                       Gurnee, IL   60031


Arnold Business Enterprises Offering

Unique Telephone Service and Survival Manuals


Susan Arnold, CEOt of Arnold Business Enterprises LLC (ABE) of Gurnee, Illinois, today announced new offerings by her firm.  These offerings are both products and services related to ABE's existing product areas of telephone services and survival supplies.

Arnold Business Enterprises LLC, thru a newly established division of "What A Phone Deal. Com", is soon to go live with its offering of Digital telephone services to the Chicagoland area and elsewhere.  As Mrs. Arnold states:  "This new service to which we are becoming a distributor of is the next step in telephone technology.  It uses your already established, broadband connection!  And it's at a FRACTION of the cost of COMCAST, AT&T, and other more traditional providers!"  Mrs. Arnold went on to point out that the average savings had by consumers is almost 40%.  Moreover, savings can be as much as 2/3rds depending upon features and your prior carrier's charges.

Susan Arnold capped off her comments by outlining the quality of this service thru his own personal and business experience.  She stated:  "We found the service so good, and so much lower in cost than what we were paying, that we not only now use it but HAD to become a distributor and offer this savings and capability to all of our customers and prospects!"

Arnold Business Enterprises also outlined their second, new product offering.  This offering is basically a product extention to their "Civil Defense Survival Box(TM) offering made public in 2007.  It is a civil defense survival manual entitled:   "It's A Disaster -- and what are YOU gonna do about it!"

This reference book contains guidance and information on all facets of natural and man made disaster scenarios and also includes First Aid information.  One of the now premier reference materials in the Nation on this important subject, "It's A Disaster" is being used by various homeland security departments throughout the Nation.  ABE President Ken Arnold, a recognized student of disaster survival, is an acknowledged contributor within this important reference book.

The "It's a Disaster" book is included within the Civil Defense Survival Box(TM) product offered by ABE to government and corporate homeland defense entities.  But for the first time ever, ABE is offering the book separate from The Civil Defense Surival Box(TM) product and to the general public at large.  Both individuals and organizations can order single copies, or hundreds of copies to be used for their personal reference, civic group fundraisers, homeland security department education, and various other government initiatives in order to provide a ready educational manual on what individuals need to do to prepare for, and survive, a major disaster event.  All parties interested in ordering this vital educational and reference manual for disaster scenarios can log onto:   There they will find other information as well as be able to order this important reference manual.

For questions or further information on these two new business initiatives of Arnold Business Enterprises, please email or telephone 847-782-1688 (Office).  


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