DATE:  November 5, 2006         CONTACT:  Susan Arnold


RELEASE DATE:  Immediate                       Gurnee, IL   60031


Arnold Business Enterprises Offering

Unique Telephone Autocalling Products and Services


Arnold Business Enterprises LLC of Gurnee, Illinois, today announced new offerings by the firm.  These offerings are both products and services related to "Broadcast By Phone" the first PC based telephone autocalling software available to the public.

Arnold Business Enterprises LLC has become an exclusive distributor of this software and several other related software items of Voicent Communications.  With this capability an individual, firm, or political campaign can perform high volume telephone calling or polling via the PC equipment they currently own.  Little in additional expense is involved.

Many uses can be had for this new capability.  Mr. Arnold states:  "I used it in my recent race for the U.S. Congress and was extremely pleased with the product and capability.  So much so that my firm became a distributor!"  He went on to state:  "It dawns on me that my fellow HR professionals could well use this capability.  With this software, HR can communicate directly to employee's home phones such things as an upcoming benefits enrollment period, a reminder of any HR deadline, conduct a poll, or even issue an emergency message such as an office closing due to natural or manmade events".

In addition to selling the software licenses for this powerful capability, ABE also offers services in the easy setup of such software as well as tutoring of personnel in its operations.  Additionally, for those who do not wish to bring in-house this capability, ABE offers telephone autocalling services on a price (based upon volume of calls) that can be as low as 5 cents per call.  ABE has developed a robust call out capability with licensed PC capacity of more than 15 simultaneously running telephone lines.

Interested firms can contact Arnold Business Enterprises by personally emailing the firm at .  


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