In our continuing efforts to develop new and profitable enterprises, Arnold Business Enterprises has TWO opportunities for individuals to presently consider on an investment basis.  Each would offer the investor SUPERIOR returns...especially in today's market:


1)  "Conscience of a Conservative" Book Development and Publication:  Ken Arnold, thru many years of thought and his recent two runs for U.S. Congress, has substantially developed the makings of a definitive book for the 21st Century Republican Conservative.  Like Barry Goldwater's, it would be the "touchstone" of 21st century thought.

Much of such book's contents is already developed.  And the "Conscience of a Conservative" website has also already been obtained.  What remains in total development (approx. 20%) can be quickly completed.

What is required is a partner who would help finance the completion, publication, and promotion of such book.  An extremely handsome rate of return (based upon book sales) would be offered and could entail a return of several times the amount of initial investment.


2)  Disaster Preparedness Initiative:  So many in government are now saying that each household must prepare for disasters of a natural or man made variety.  Yet they fail to either provide information in detail or, most appropriately, offer the MEANS to do so.  Arnold Business Enterprises LLC has developed over several years the answer to this and is seeking investors to immediately offer to all consumers an original and innovative product to the Nation to fill this gap -- the Civil Defense Survival Box(TM).    Like initiative number one above, the opportunity would be to potentially yield a very handsome return on the invested funds - as much as a 75% return, based on unit sales.  The investor(s), moreover, would be predominately funding the production of product for sale to various government agencies and large corporations - so the completed inventory are assets that give the investor added assurance from a financial risk standpoint.

In today's "Post Covid-19 Pandemic" world, this product - along with even hosting educations seminars for larger corporations and their employees on Disaster Preparation and Survival, will SURELY now be in demand!


To learn more about these two excellent, investment Ken at 847-207-1167 or email  TODAY!


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