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Arnold Business Enterprises LLC (ABE), and all of its various operating areas such as " What A Phone Deal. Com " and " Small Biz Suppliers. Com ", strive to 100% comply with all Federal Trade Commission, Federal Commerce Commission and State laws and regulations (including "safe harbor" provisions) regarding telephone communications to the general public.

The character of most of our company's telephone messages would fall under exclusions and/or  "safe harbor provisions" such as surveys, strict informational messages on available products/websites, or - in the case of our Civil Defense Survival Box enterprise - broadcast messages of a national security/emergency nature having to do with the health and safety of the general public.  Our company does not do, nor ever intends to do, sales calls where live sales people attempt a sale over the telephone during a direct telephone call to the public.

Despite the above legally acceptable character of our particular calls, it is the policy of Arnold Business Enterprises LLC to comply with not only the checking of all Federal and (if applicable) State "Do No Call" lists and the cleansing of databases for all known cellular telephone numbers in all such calling; but, various other good faith efforts to ensure that all those not wishing calls do not get calls.  These include such "safe harbor" provisions as allowing for an adequate number of rings before hanging up, stating the name of the firm, not blocking our caller ID, and other good and honest business practices.

We at Arnold Business Enterprises strive to provide valuable and necessary services and products to the general public while not wishing to intentionally violate either a particular citizen's privacy (as they may define it) or the "Do Not Call" laws as they exist today.  Additionally, our privacy policy precludes conveying or selling to other businesses our customer lists.

 Unfortunately, there will be sometimes be inadvertent errors despite all efforts by any particular firm.  In that spirit, if there has been any inadvertent calls made to a cell phone, other ineligible number such as a nursing home, or to other numbers not desiring any calls on such matters (including those numbers on the "Do Not Call" lists) we appreciate immediately knowing from you, by emailing us at DoNotCall@Arnoldforyou.com or calling 847-782-1688 and giving the telephone number(s) that you wish us not to call again.  We will then immediately take you off our lists permanently.  Likewise, to permanently take you off the telephone lists of many others not related to our firm, you may place these numbers on the Federal "Do Not Call" list by going to:  www.ftc.gov/donotcall

The whole area of "Do Not Call" laws and regulations is, unfortunately, a complex of multiple Federal agencies as well as respective State laws.  Arnold Business Enterprises LLC strives to do its best to contact only those wishing such valuable information.  And we greatly appreciate both your reasonable understandings and information so we may continue to conduct the right balance in our public affairs. 

Thank you.

Susan M. Arnold

Arnold Business Enterprises LLC

"High Tech Knowledge . . . Old Fashion Business Ethics!"(TM) 

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