The following items are offered for sale.  If interested, please contact us at 847-207-1167 or email us at for further information or purchase any of these items.






TELEPHONE AUTOCALLING DESKTOP COMPUTERS:  Each PC has a two line professional license for Voicent's "Broadcast By Phone" already installed!  Two used PC systems are available with this and more capability installed for only $70-$100 per personal computer!  You get a desktop PC that you can automatically dial two, simultaneous phone lines with outbound messages, polling questions to prospects and customers, and even have the receivers leave voicemail messages back to you!  Get all the software AND the PC for less than the cost of the software alone!!!  Due to my congressional election loss, these PCs are now considered surplus by me.  The software capabilities are detailed at the following site:

NOTE:  ABE also has several OTHER laptops and desktop PCs (without this autocalling capability) for sale at LOW prices...since they are surplus equipment to us.  ALL are FULLY loaded with the Windows XP operating system and awhole plethora of useful software -- including MS Office Suite!!!